Kickstarter Patrons/Backers

A huge THANK YOU to all 26 donors to my Kickstarter campaign! Because of your incredible generosity, I was able to go to Orlando, network, learn and further my career. Several donors were anonymous, here are a few who I wanted to feature and their respective businesses. The following people are are wonderful friends and incredibly talented in their chosen fields, please take the time and get to know them and their work. Thank you so very much! Melody

In no particular order:

Bruce Henry (Producer, Vocalist and Educator)

Jennifer Eckes (Vocalist, Cabaret Artist and Actress) Youtube Channel: Website:

Heather Chouravong

Ryan Franson (Blogger) Twitter: ryanfranson@WorrierMN

Rodger Kelly (Deputy Director – Operations at National Music Museum (NMM))

Mark Rodriguez (Vocalist, Musical Director and Liturgical Music Publisher)

Rick Wren (Business Owner)

Elizabeth Bacon Brownson (Business owner, producer, singer)

Dorothy Gitman (Visual Artist)